We have a lot of experience in towing vehicles

Our strong towing services can safely and successfully get you out of the most difficult situations when your car gets stuck.


We get you where you want to go fast and safely

A premier provider of roadside assistance and towing services, City Ally Towing Service Inc. is committed to providing dependable, competent, and client-focused solutions. Thanks to our years of experience in the field, people and companies with vehicle-related problems can rely on us as a reliable partner.


Our flat rates are low and our service is high

We are available to help in times of stress while on the road. Our accident towing services focus on efficiency and safety, allowing the road to be cleared following a collision.


We handle all situations with care

After eight years in business, we’ve discovered that getting our clients’ cars back on the road as fast as possible is essential to keeping them satisfied. We work hard to keep our fleet in good condition and our equipment for roadside assistance so that anytime you need our services, you can know that we will be there ASAP with our top-notch guys and tools to get you rolling as soon as you call.


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